Skipping Rope Against Weight Loss – John Barban

Skipping Rope
Sports scope Cord: The best sport can be exercised by women to gain agility and strengthen the muscles of the body. According to experts, the sport aerobics scope cord already integrated because they operate on the move all the muscles in the lower part of the body and strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, as well as improvement of the performance of the respiratory system and the heart.
Recent studies have shown that the scope cord is useful in weight loss in an expeditious manner as the equivalent to 15 minutes of practice this sport 30 minutes of football practice, and 45 minutes of swimming. It also helps to move the scope cord tissue and get rid of the fat that accumulates in the buttocks area.

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Experts recommend in order to achieve the best results by standing in an upright position when ready to jump with tightening the abdominal muscles and relax the arms and taking into account that the cord at the level of the buttocks, and when you start to jump must keep the legs as do children and considerate move the wrist and not the arms and the need to wear athletic shoes. As experts advice buying the rope from sports shops specialized for this there is required thickness of the wrap well.
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